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Rumble Utilities and Road Improvement Project

With the passing of Winter Break and with snowy and icy weather (hopefully) behind us, construction on the Rumble Street utilities and road improvements has restarted. The construction crews will be working on the section of Rumble Street in front of the school and the adjacent school yard and parks.

The traffic patterns along Rumble Street will be continually changing depending on the work being done. Traffic flag people will be working to ensure that traffic flows as safely and smoothly as possible and that school community pedestrians can safely navigate the school area.

We remind our community drivers to be patient and follow the instructions of the traffic flag people and obey all posted parking restrictions. Pedestrians are also reminded to use the marked crosswalk whenever possible and follow the instructions of the traffic flag people.

Closure of the Parking Lot in Front of Suncrest Elementary

The construction crews have also announced that the parking lot in front of the school will be closed permanently effective tomorrow (Thursday, February 16th).