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Reminder – Recognition Assembly (Tuesday June 27 at 9:15 a.m.) and Grade Seven School Leaving (Wednesday June 28 at 9:15 a.m.)

Tuesday, June 27 at 9:15 will be Suncrest Elementary School’s Recognition Assembly

This assembly recognizes mainly intermediate students for their involvement in clubs and athletics, their service to the school, and their school achievements. Primary students may be recognized for the involvement in clubs (e.g. Reading Club, Math Genius, and Chess Club). House Points and Sports Day trophies will also be awarded. Please see the full program here.

2017 Recognition Assembly Program

Please note that the school has NOT contacted parents of students who may be receiving recognition on this day.

Wednesday, June 28 at 9:15 will be Suncrest Elementary School’s Grade Seven School Leaving Assembly

This assembly will recognize the Grade Sevens achievement at completing the Elementary Program and wishes them well as they head to Secondary School. Memories, the Valedictorians’ speech, recognition of accomplishments, and Suncrest’s traditional send-offs will be on this day’s program